Steve’s purpose in life is to empower people to make changes in their lives and in the lives of others, and to serve a higher purpose.

He carries a deep passion to serve and help as many people as he can. He guides his client’s to find their passion and their burning desire to live. Steve truly believes that it’s not only passion but skills that help create lasting change. Passion helps individuals get to a place to be motivated and inspired, but skills give them the tools that empower them to make everlasting change. He uses his education, experience, motivational techniques, and strategies to bring hope and the possibility of change to all the people he works with, many who have experienced a multitude of difficulties in life.


A Registered Counsellor and a Licensed Strategic Interventionist, he earned his Diploma in Professional Counselling and an Addictions Worker Certificate from Vancouver College of Counsellor Training.

He also has a Strategic Intervention Certificate, Marriage Education Certificate, and Divorce Prevention Certificate and has completed additional workshops and seminars to enhance his skill set.

He is a member in good standing of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association, a professional competency based association that governs his practice ensuring that he adheres to strict ethical guidelines.


Steve has been in the drug and alcohol counselling field since 2007. He has worked at several treatment centres including Path to Freedom Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, Kinghaven Treatment Centre and Maple Ridge Treatment Center. He has provided intake assessment, individual, family, couples, and group counselling as well as workshops, and psycho-educational support groups.


In 2012, as the result of his work, Steve was the recipient of the first annual Abbotsford News, City of Heroes award, powered by the Abbotsford City of Character Council. He was identified as embodying six character traits: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Empathy, Courage and Service that are necessary to live life with good character, and a valuable member of our community.