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“Working alongside Steve it was evident that he enjoys his work. Steve has an innate ability delivering life changing advice in a compassionate, direct, and enthusiastic way. His high energy approach sparks the motivational switch that one needs in order to take action on a new way of existence.”

- Dominic Charlie, Correctional Service of Canada

“I met Mr. Gill three years ago when I was introduced by a friend. He invited me to one of his group sessions at Kinghaven Treatment Center, in Abbotsford B.C. I was very moved by his passion for life and his drive when he taught men suffering from their addictions.

My friend informed me that Mr. Gill was also a life coach. My lifelong goal has been to work in law enforcement, but I had several obstacles holding me back. I was lacking education, work experience, not being physically fit, and I didn’t have the drive. I thought big but didn’t follow through on my actions. With his one-on-one coaching sessions Mr. Gill helped me; get crystal clear on what I really want in life, uncover what was holding me back from achieving my vision, and what necessary action steps I needed to achieve my dream. He supported me by keeping me accountable and having deadlines for my goals. With his continuous support through my application process, training, and still to this day I’ve successfully become a Correctional Officer and currently work for the Correctional Service of Canada.

With his help I have more goals I want to accomplish and a purpose for my life! Like Mr. Gill says, “Impossible is nothing, possible is everything when you have a purpose!”

- Hardeep Saroya, Correctional Officer

“During Steve’s employment at Kinghaven, as a Program Support Worker, we found him to be a talented and skillful presenter of materials related to addiction recovery as well as very knowledgeable on how to achieve long term, healthy recovery.”

- Milt Walker, Kinghaven Treatment Centre

“I met Steve several years ago. He was training to enter the field that I had been working in for a few years. We became fast friends and began working together a short time later. He entered the work with a sincere passion for helping others change their lives for the better.

We encountered the work of Tony Robbins and this informed our approaches to helping in powerful ways. Steve continued to pursue training offered by Tony while I continued with other education. Steve had fanned the flames of his fire and sharpened his abilities to influence growth in those he served.

I came to a crossroads where I had to make a decision about whether to re-engage in the work or find a different calling. During a conversation with Steve in our shared office he told me that if I wanted to I could rock the groups I facilitated, just like I once did. He reminded me of my power and strength. Because of this, I made the decision to recommit, to discipline my will and pursue my goal of becoming the best counsellor / coach that I could. The passion had re-entered my soul.

Steve made the decision to move forward with his career. I have watched him blossom since. As he creates more and more venues by which to reach others, he continually refines his ability to do so. I look forward to witnessing him initiate massive positive change in the lives of his clients, friends, and loved ones. I will be forever grateful for his friendship, support, and influence in my life.”

- Mark Streibel, BSW, RSW

“What an exceptional experience. Steve was the keynote speaker at our young leaders event. We had high expectations before the presentation as he promised the world. He really over delivered!! If you are seeking a speaker to motivate and engage your audience, Steve is your guy.”

- Curtis Hughes, Assistant Branch Manger

“Steve is on a whole other level when it comes to energy. He is giving it his all; brings us all along for the ride. Be prepared to be moved and out of your comfort zone! Zealous while challenging you to become better. Great experience and highly recommend it.”

- Aaron Chin, Assistant Branch Manger

“Words cannot describe Steve’s passion and energy. I had the pleasure of experiencing a couple of his sessions and it’s amazing how they get better each time. I always leave feeling pumped and with a new appreciation for life. Regardless of where you are in your life, I would highly encourage you to reach out to Steve for his services!

- Cindy Cheng, Graphic Design Specialist

“I had the pleasure of hearing Steve at our young leader’s event. The idea of achievement versus fulfillment has changed the way I look at my personal success in an exponentially positive way. I highly recommend him to any group looking to motivate their team!”

- Adrienne Bartlett, G&F Financial Group

“As is common with most of us Leaders, we are very careful in selecting and having outside speakers talk to our Teams or Companies. After a one on one meeting with Steve, I decided that he had a great message and could be impactful to my Team.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how prepared; energetic; and humorous Steve’s delivery was during his presentation. My Team was very engaged and energised with his style and received his well- crafted key messages very positively. I would highly recommend Steve Gill to any groups that could benefit from an inspiring and entertaining speaker that will make a positive difference in how our folks leave our meetings. Steve promised and delivered that my Team will leave with one or two workable ideas to make a difference in their lives – he did just that!

Steve has just only begun his journey to greatness and I know that he will impact people in a significant way!”

- Bala Naidoo, B.B.A., M.B.A., CFP, Regional Director

“I previously worked with Mr. Steve Gill for approximately five years providing treatment services for men with substance misuse, as well as a host of life problems.

In order to understand the context of my testimonial, I will have you know that I consider him a colleague as well as a dear friend. I equally admire his kind heart and strong work ethic; he cares deeply about helping people and his tenacious commitment to professional development is universally known and agreed upon for those who have worked alongside him.

Through the five years working with Steve and up until today, he has continued to demonstrate his desire to grow in his personal awareness and professional skills, presenting to large groups within organizations, as well as counselling and coaching couples and individuals. He is a broadening professional who has the capacity to stand alone, or work as an asset within a team dynamic. May you find his services beneficial for you and your family.”

- Chad Dumaine, BSW, RSW

“The bottom line is that Steve Gill is skilled at working with people to produce positive change at every level.”

- Chris R

“Steve had a big impact on me, and I connected to what he was saying. I honestly don’t know if I would have made it if not for him.”

- Alex P

“Steve you are truly somebody that touched my heart. You are totally a unique man, with lots to offer. I’m so glad that you became a part of my journey. You are an inspiration that words can’t describe.”

- Jack D

“I know without your help, care, and understanding, I would have lost my trust in people, and felt abused by others.”

- Donna R

“Steve you have such a way to earn trust, you care, and you’re loyal and most important you have the kindest heart. Thank you for everything that you do.”

- Tara Smith

“Steve, thank you for taking me on as a client and taking me seriously. Most of my life has been spent creating this false persona. This outside façade of extreme confidence and self-assuredness. This created a make believe world of almost “super human” one whom I thought people admire and aspire to be like. I’ve never showed any vulnerability or did I know how to. My way of being kept people away from me, and I away from others. You helped me find myself again. Now I’m finding out who I truly am and everything that I can be. I am forever grateful, thank you.”

- John D

“Steve had an immediate impact on me. His high energy approach, focus, and passion for his work literally woke me up. He has taught me about forgiveness, patience, acceptance, and awareness. He also showed me the benefits of being honest, open-mined and willing. With his help not only was I able to achieve sobriety but also a quality recovery filled with joy, love, faith, and hope. Steve has motivated me to work hard and to go above and beyond not only in my recovery but in every aspect of my life.

You showed me by letting go of fear and doubt, life becomes easier…and wow does it ever. Thanks again Steve.”

- Jill K

“Steve’s passion for recovery is unparalleled I’ve never seen anyone present, or teach in the way he does. He has this ability to connect, inspire, teach and entertain his audience. Definitely worth every dollar to get the opportunity to witness Steve do what he does best; which is motivating people to become the best at whatever they choose to.”

- Jim C

“When I first met Steve my life had spiraled out of control. My battle with alcoholism and drug addiction had left me feeling completely worthless. I was full of self-pity, anger, fear, worry, guilt, shame and sadness. I was broken physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. I had a negative outlook on life, and I couldn’t see a future for myself. Little did I know that was about to change when I started working with Steve.

He is an excellent motivator, attentive listener, and has the gift to inspire. I have made many new friends in my recovery and have established a tremendous support group. I would not have been able to do that without Steve helping me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace change. Today I continue to step out of my comfort zone and seek change by pursuing new career choices and by enrolling to go back to school. In a short period of time Steve has helped me to completely turn my life around. I am very grateful and blessed to have him in my life.”

- Gary S

“I can’t tell you how much your help, personal morals, and values have helped me. Thank you.”

- Wayne A

“You’re the best Drug & Alcohol counsellor I have come across because you know what’s important, and you see through the masks people wear due to their addictions.”

- Tim C

“Steve you have so much passion as a counsellor. You are enriching lives and thereby helping restore families. Where you once were trouble in people’s lives you are now truly a blessing!”

- Lance T

“I thank you for caring when no one seemed to.”

- Ken R

“Personally you have given me hope for a future living in recovery. Following your guidance you have also given me faith in myself that I can do this. Blessings to you and your family.”

- Mike S

“Thanks to Steve I now believe that I am worthy of a beautiful life, and I have courage to do whatever it takes for my recovery.”

- Lisa C

“Steve I am simply saying thanks for recovering so that I may benefit with my recovery”

- Scott R

“This past week has been some of the best training/teaching I have ever received in my life. When you open yourself up and teach it makes it so much easier for me to open up emotionally and mentally. This has helped me learn and retain information that will greatly help me in my future. I can feel these changes every day. Thank you.”

- Billy Mann

“I just wanted to tell you that already in the time that I have been here you have changed my outlook on life. When you got me to yell OUTSTANDING I finally felt that way for the first time in a long time. You gave me my lust for life back. I dedicated myself when you said that an outstanding person is someone who comes out swinging and puts everything into this program every single day.

I still have much to learn but you started that fire within me to change myself. Whether you think so or not I believe you saved my life. After meeting you I went from not wanting to live to being grateful every single day. I found my confidence again and I wake up every morning excited to be alive.

To you I am forever grateful. I owe you more then you could ever know. You are my inspiration and you change lives! Thank you.”

- David Akers

“You gave me faith in my potential to change and recover, and hope to become more creative each and every day. Thank you.”

- Jonathan B

“Steve you taught me to believe in myself and deal with my problems; and that it’s safe to speak up for myself assertively.”

- Nicola S

“One of your best teachings was on cherishing the temple within and to do the next right thing. I also enjoyed your talk on the theory that problems created can be solved with a simple solution.”

- Sherry C

“Steve’s teachings will open your mind to think, wonder, and question outside of your comfort zone. He states that outside of your comfort zone is where there is possibility for change.”

- Andy S

“Steve Gill’s teachings on mindfulness have been life changing for me. I have learned to appreciate and find acceptance of all the things around me. Thank you Steve.”

- Jessie Carter

“I believe that God placed me in your presentation on Loss & Grief. Your presentation led me to make amends to my family and most importantly to be able to forgive myself.

I never knew what to expect walking into your presentation. I received an awakening I’ve never felt before. The shame and guilt that I was feeling has left me. Words can’t describe this beautiful feeling. I am able to breathe once again. God has blessed me for putting you in my life.

I bless you for all that you shared. Your life has touched many and I know it will ripple to reach many in this world. Thank you for sharing your personal struggles of where you were and your journey of where you are today. You definitely are an inspiration.”

- Robert Llewelllyn