What is Counselling?

Counselling is helping people who have a problem/situation that they are finding increasingly difficult to handle or deal with on their own.

People who seek the help of a counsellor have usually found themselves in a predicament they cannot seem to find a way out of. Or, they may have suffered a bereavement/loss or are facing some kind of crisis that is really impacting their ability to function day-to-day.

As your counsellor, Steve can help you:

  • Gain clarity and perspective of the problems you are facing
  • Find your own solutions to the problems you are facing
  • Give you the space to be yourself
  • Develop your own self-concept so that you are more capable of making your own decisions rather than looking to the ‘so-called’ experts in your life, to tell you what to do
  • Discover more about yourself and help you become self-aware
  • Accept yourself and accept others
  • Deal with issues from the past that are preventing you from moving forward
  • Determine what is not working in your life and support you in relinquishing limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • Perceive or respond to things differently so you are able to communicate your feelings to those you love, more effectively
  • Find closure and acceptance on the past

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You will gain:

  • Support and encouragement in an empathetic environment
  • An opportunity to explore your issues at a deeper level and discover your own solutions
  • A connection with your authentic feelings
  • A better understanding of yourself and others
  • Closure and acceptance on your past
  • Help to deal with situations in the here and now
  • Awareness of your beliefs and take responsibility for your own choices
  • The ability to overcome limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are stopping you from moving forward with your life or developing successful relationships